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We are extremely excited about our upcoming closed beta release and the opportunity to work closely with interested early adopters for direct feedback. Scurid is focused on developing and delivering an easy to use digital identity, application of which we have tried to cover in some of our previous blogs and will continue to do so in upcoming ones for Internet of Things (IoT) / Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices and software.

As a deep-tech startup in the software space, people are the biggest asset. To celebrate the contributions of our first intern, we asked Shreya Jadhav about her work experience with the Scurid team. Over the past year, Shreya has helped us to build our first MVP, which resulted in our first ever Closed Beta release and in the acquisition of our first customer.

Recently we released the details on Scurid Edge Agent with this blog we’re pleased to bring forward rest of the Scurid’s tech stack under closed beta release, namely Scurid Platform App & Scurid SSI Service focused on developing and delivering an easy-to-use distributed digital identity for Internet of Things (IoT) / Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices and microservices.

  • Managing distributed identities generated by the things equipped with Scurid Edge Agent
  • Managing identity’s registration with distributed ledger registry
  • Create and manage…

Since the French physicist A.E. Becquerel’s initial work around the discovery of the photovoltaic effect at the beginning of the 19th century, the world forged ahead with developments in solar energy generation. Being one of the most promising sustainable energy sources of today, we have now numerous solar power plants on the globe. The total power generated from the solar power plants is already well above 500 GWh. To put this number into perspective, 1 Gigawatt hour is enough to sustain an average of 30 000 city households over a year. This number is estimated to rise by 2050 well…

You are running late for work. You scramble up in the morning, get out of your apartment with the bare essentials, get to the garage and then in your car, turn on the car with your smart phone — your DID gets authenticated. The car starts, you are off to work, and since you would be later than usual, you are expecting a bigger than usual traffic at the parking lot of your office premises. You arrive almost an hour later and see that the lot is beaming with activity. A short wait at the entrance, you flash your phone…


Customer-centric data integrity solutions that deliver decentralized IDs for Industrial IoT and digital business models.

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