Supercharge your Digital Twin’s data security with Scurid’s new release.

2 min readJan 3, 2022
Closed beta -2 released!

We’re excited to announce the release of v21.2.0-beta.

Our closed beta program, which is already delivering value to early adopters ranging from smart home space to securing smart and connected vehicles delivering ground support & maintenance for the aircraft across the globe.

Focus of this release has been to simplify the bootstrapping of devices using Scurid stack. Using Zero Trust principles while bringing them (devices) online with no hardcoded or shared secrets on the device.

Better developer experience while adopting strong security

Release v21.2.0-beta not only allows users to onboard new devices but also helps bootstrap secure connectivity to other systems & platforms. This is due to the unique API-based pluggable identity architecture of Scurid. These APIs are available even in “black site” deployments i.e. where devices can not reach the open internet and can only connect to the customer’s own network.

Scurid stack consists of :

* Scurid Edge Agent running on the device and,

* Scurid Platform app, a centralized control server for managing all the distributed identities generated by the agent

Enable authenticated & secure delivery of targeted packages for devices

Another key feature we’ve added is to enable customers to prepare authorized packages consisting of one or more files targeted for specific identities. This can be used by customers to prepare configuration files, secrets/keys required for other systems, etc. to be transferred to a specific identity. As opposed to generic uncontrolled copying of files over SSH to the devices.

This can immensely accelerate the adoption of shared hardware business model without compromising the identity security and without overexposure of device identity.

Identity context-based file delivery

Get started with Scurid stack 21.2.0-beta.0

These are just some of the updates, we are working on much more exciting features in the upcoming releases.

Finally, if you like what we are doing and want to gain access to free tier license or simply have feedback or ideas for us please reach out via this request form, connect with us over LinkedIn or Twitter.




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