Introducing Scurid Platform App

3 min readMay 13, 2021

Recently we released the details on Scurid Edge Agent with this blog we’re pleased to bring forward rest of the Scurid’s tech stack under closed beta release, namely Scurid Platform App & Scurid SSI Service focused on developing and delivering an easy-to-use distributed digital identity for Internet of Things (IoT) / Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices and microservices.

Scurid Platform App

is a cross-platform native app, designed as a management dashboard to deliver the simplified experience of

  • Managing distributed identities generated by the things equipped with Scurid Edge Agent
  • Managing identity’s registration with distributed ledger registry
  • Create and manage automated workflow for digital identity management (feature planned)
  • Expose its functionality for integration into the user’s own platform, e.g. device onboarding, verifying signatures etc.
  • Perform digital identity analytics & reporting (feature planned)

Each new digital identity generated by Scurid Edge Agent must be on-boarded by the user via Scurid Platform App (installed within the user’s network) as a guardian in order to control the authentication & authorization within the system along with entering it into an immutable registry.

Post-installation of the Scurid Platform App, a user-specific identity is set up (as a one-time setup requirement) automatically which is used for onboarding all device identities generated within the user’s ecosystem, allowing centralized management of distributed digital identities.

Scurid Platform App

Scurid SSI Service

A hosted SSI service designed to provides a universal resolving feature for distributed identities generated using Scurid Edge Agent. Interactions to the Scurid SSI Service are fully managed by Scurid Platform App.


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